Breast Cancer Speaker Event

University of the Pacific | October 15, 2018

With the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, VN CARES teamed up with ACSC to educate the student body upon breast cancer. A number of events were hosted including raffles and student-run presentations. Together, we were able to raise over $200 towards breast cancer research!

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, VN CARES was honored to have Dr. Marcus Ravnan and Dr. Utsav Patel present their personal experiences working in the field of oncology for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The two informed attendees on the pathology of breast cancer, current treatments, and emotional interactions with breast cancer patients. On behalf of the attendees and VN CARES, we would like to thank Dr. Ravnan and Dr. Patel for taking time out of their busy schedules to inform us on breast cancer and inspire us to become better pharmacists!


Above, Dr. Utsov Patel informs students on breast cancer pathology and how it may be treated

To the left, students listen intently to Dr. Ravnan and Dr. Patel's interactions with breast cancer patients