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2014 - 2015 VN CARES Officers


2nd Years


Internal Co-chair:  Judy Pham

External Co-chair: Christina Le

Secretary: Jovel Ramirez

Media & Design: Brandon Zelaya


Marketing: Angeline Nguyen


Public Relations: Phuong Ly

Research & Education: Hillary Truong

Business Relations: Ben Dang

1st Years



Internal Co-chair:  Jennifer Le

External Co-chair: Pauline Le

Secretary: Kaylie Nguyen

Media & Design: Elisa Nguyen


Marketing: Julie Nguyen

Public Relations: Tram Le

Research & Education: Jeannie Dang

Business Relations: Alicia Nguyen

VN CARES Officers

Our Mission

VN CARES is a non-profit student committee that strives to promote health among all ages and ethnicities in underserved communities while providing educational and leadership opportunities for pre-pharmacy and pharmacy students. With the generous support of local vendors, sponsors, and pharmacists, we are able to provide free and valuable health screenings and health education for the public at our three annual health fairs throughout Northern California. Every year, we host speaker symposiums and community events to further promote breast and cervical cancer awareness in the community. 


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