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External Co-Chair: Christina Le

As External Co-Chair, I am the bridge between VNCARES and outside organizations. I build and maintain relationships with student committees, organizations, and volunteers. I invite organizations whose missions align with ours, providing healthcare services to underserved communities. In addition, I reach out to our sister chapters, CNU and UC Davis, and other nearby pre-health organizations to offer them opportunities to volunteer. While they volunteer, they are able to learn about pharmacy and how the services we offer impact our community. I also create logistics for our health fairs and am frequently communicating with the IPPE office.


Secretary: Jovel Ramirez

As Secretary, I am responsible for taking notes during meetings, updating the calendar, checking our emails, following up on voicemails left on our Google Voice, and keeping our Google Drive up-to-date.  I coordinate birthday events and ensure that all members of the committee are up-to-date on all events and festivities. I am also responsible for preparing preceptor, venue, and sponsor gifts during our outreach events and speaker gifts during our speaker events.


Media & Design: Brandon Zelaya

As the Media & Design Officer, my duties include photographing all events, editing and posting photos, designing flyers/promotional items, creating educational videos, and maintaining the official VN CARES Facebook, website, and Instagram. I am also responsible for the health fair layout, committee video, and putting together the visuals for any additional projects VN CARES is involved in.


Research & Education: Hillary Truong

As the Research and Education Officer, I organize and facilitate our annual Cervical Cancer Symposium to provide cervical and breast cancer awareness to our peers. For each health fair, I develop a list of affordable and accessible clinics in the surrounding neighborhood to further promote patient health. To further improve our efforts, I will create patient surveys and analyze the data so that our activities and services are appropriate for our patients.


Marketing: Angeline Nguyen

As the Marketing Officer, my main goal is to advertise our health fairs to the target population. To do this, I contact various businesses around our health fair’s location for approval to advertise with flyers. Once completed, I develop efficient flyering routes for all of us to complete. Other responsibilities include working with various faculty that assist with Marketing tasks such as press releases and printing requests. Again, my overarching goal is to make sure VN Cares can reach those in need.

As officers of the VN CARES team, we all work together as a cohesive unit, yet each of us holds specific roles that are crucial to our success as an organization. Take a moment to meet the VN CARES officers.

Internal Co-Chair: Judy Pham

As internal Co-Chair, I am in charge of  facilitating communication among all VN CARES officers during our weekly meetings and activities.  Aside from preparing the agendas, I maintain all financial records.  I am responsible for recruiting preceptors for our health fairs and organize  the Annual Art and Essay contest for our local elementary, middle, and high school students.  With close collaboration with the External Co-Chair, we work together to ensure that new ideas are brought forward during these changing times and that we are fostering a family-centered environment where VN CARES grows as a whole.

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Public Relations: Phuong Ly

As Public Relations Officer, facilitates the cooperation of VN CARES with Que Huong Media’s TV segment, “Pharmacy In Our Lives”, hosted by Dr. Chau Phan. In terms of PR's role specifically for Pharmacy in Our Lives, our job is to choose the topic and create the script. We have complete freedom on which topic to choose (with the approval of Dr. Chau of course) but the main goal of our show is to inform the public about health topics that they may not already be aware of which usually serves as a guide when I consider which topics to do. In the past we have done topics such as weight loss supplementation, wound care, smoking cessation, diabetes, mental health, COVID-19, and more.

Business Relations:  Benjamin Dang

As the Business Relations Officer, I coordinate the recruitment of local vendors to each of our health fairs. The intention of this role is to maintain relations with local businesses and non-profit organizations in order to raise funds for the health fairs and provide the patients with accessible services within their own community. I also help to maintain sponsorships from our generous donors.


Brandon Zelaya


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