As officers of the VN CARES team, we all work together as a cohesive unit, yet each of us holds specific roles that are crucial to our success as an organization. Take a moment to meet the VN CARES officers.

Internal Co-chair: Katie Truong

As Internal Co-Chair, I facilitate communication among the VN CARES officers and motivate them to continually improve and execute events. I prepare the agendas for our weekly meetings, and I maintain all financial records and work with our Faculty Advisor, Dr. Miki Park, to formulate an appropriate budget for the upcoming year. I also recruit preceptors for our health fairs and coordinate the Annual Art and Essay Contest for local elementary, middle, and high school students. Sharing duties with the External Co-Chair, we act as Co-Presidents of the committee. Together we lead officer meetings, approve decisions, plan and organize all activities, and strive to ensure the growth of VN CARES as an organization.

External Co-chair: Michelle She

As External Co-Chair, I build and maintain relationships with groups outside of VN CARES, including other student committees and organizations in the community. To our health fairs I invite organizations that offer services parallel to our mission of providing healthcare to underserved communities. I also invite our sister chapters from CNU and UC Davis, and I reach out to nearby pre-health societies to offer volunteer opportunities and allow them to learn more about pharmacy and how we impact the community. Additionally, I am in charge of logistics and communicate with the IPPE office. I plan a timeline of tasks that lead to successful health fairs, in which I ensure that tasks are distributed to officers according to their areas of expertise.


Secretary: Glora Ly

As Secretary, my duties include taking notes at all meetings, updating the calendar, coordinating birthday events, checking our email accounts, following up with voicemails left on Google Voice, and adding new members to the Google Drive. I ensure that all members of the committee are up-to-date on festivities and in the know. In addition, I prepare preceptor, venue, and sponsor gifts/thank you cards for each of our outreach events.


Media Design: Andrew Kojo

As the Media Design Officer, my duties include photographing all events, editing and posting photos, designing flyers/layouts/promotional items, creating promotional/educational videos, and maintaining the official VN CARES Facebook and website.


Research & Education: Elizabeth Levan

As the Research & Education Officer, I research and develop a list of free/low cost clinics as well as simple health-information sheets to be given to our patients at health fairs. I also formulate patient surveys and compile and analyze the results following each health fair. Furthermore, I organize our annual Cervical Cancer Awareness Symposium to education our fellow pharmacy students.


Marketing: Brandon Truong

As the Advertising Officer, I explore different avenues of promoting and advertising for our health fairs, for example through flyering, radio, newspaper, and more. My duties include researching locations and strategically mapping out flyering routes. I strive to reach out to the community and spread the word about our services because patients are the key aspect of making our health fairs successful.


Public Relations: Raquel Gan

As the Public Relations Officer, I coordinate the “Pharmacy in Our Lives” TV show on Que Huong Media by communicating with Dr. Chau Phan (the VN CARES founder and main host), formulating and researching topics in collaboration with other committees, writing the script and recruiting members for each episode.

Business Relations: Brandon Tran

As Project Manager, my duties include coordinating and maintaining relations with vendors for each VN CARES health fair. I also oversee anemia screenings, which VN CARES provides at all other health fairs.

Michelle She

Elizabeth Levan